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Tout ayisyen se ayisyen

You're right. I'll elaborate perhaps later when I have more time. They use us when they need us but won't let us in... more »

Adieu Crepuscule

Where are all the commentators, the bluggers, the patriots? Come on! This is a site where we can share ideas and I... more »

Preval for 5 years of peace and progress

You're right, and the reason is the EX will squander Preval's chance to fulfill his patriotic dream: Mete peyi-a sou... more »


I don't think we have enough reason to be ashamed of president Preval yet. As I understand, he's already a sick man... more »


Dear Adhbriz, Frankly, I have lost touch with the situation on the terrain. When I say 'Chime", I include not only the... more »

We need to be nation

Where are G. Simon, [Adhebiz, Observer keen,... all the same person], Anonymous, etc,]? Come on guys! We need to keep... more »

Aleluia Manouchka

Once upon a time, I used to be me Since I left my people and my country I have become a zombie In the american way... more »

Democracy peace and development not anarchy

Jean talked about D. Toussaint, Aristide made him and put him in Kazen with J.C. Paul. THen he started to create... more »

Haiti avant tout

I am a peaceful man and very liberal. At the same time I love my country. When I say : "une fraction d'une unite... more »

Lucifer is him the fake priest who fooled us

Whatever you say Louinel Jean or whoever you are is a statement against reality: Reality is that we've been killing... more »

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