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The physical Appearance

Excellence Pour l'amour de Dieu et D'Haiti debarassez votre visage de la barbe et de la moustache. Cela ne vous sied... more »

RE The response of Mr Mercier concerning God

Hello Mr Mercier Thank you for your response concerning Giving Haiti back to God.I have only one advice for you and... more »

Giving Haiti Back To God

Excellence We cannot denied the fact that God is the creator and Governor of the whole world.He is is a jealous God in... more »

stop the environment degradation

Excellence All it takes is a little desire to do well.Instead of spending so much money in travelling expenses,put the... more »

The reforestation of the country to beautify it

Excellence Use every penny you may save from putting an end to the unnecessary trips overseas by your collaborators to... more »

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