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Nou Ayityen pa bon! paske ou pale franse, sa pa vle di ke ou ka...

Nou Ayityen pa bon! paske ou pale franse, sa pa vle di ke ou ka dirige. paske wiclef pa gen education, sa pa vle di ke... more »

My Trip to Haiti last month

I just got back from Haiti and I left Haiti since 1991 that was my first time back. I was so happy to see my African... more »

Sent fleur to correct a little!

Hon kon was actually a take over by the British china really didn't have a choice but if need to know more I will be... more »

Robert dire our on exemple

sa ce on exemple Robert dire moncher. Haiti pap jieme on baby, Haiti ce pi grow pi et belle paye non carrebienne non... more »

mwen dacor avec ou!

bien parle! Haiti ap macher se nous aider li macher. Rene Preval respecter democraci-Haiti ap changer nous pas beziun... more »

Zay and Robert

Zay and Robert, I understand both of you guys point of view and I glad you guys back to normal. Haiti doesn't and I... more »

You are a funny guy Robert

You sound like you was in the L'armee but I agree with you Haiti don't need army right now. We need to feed our people... more »

Nice words yound brother

Haiti the country the world love to hate but it's people sold there sould to anobody with the right price. We can talk... more »

Trusted family or friends are you serious?

I agree with your idea but hand money to trusted family or friends are you serious? if we travel that avenue than we... more »

I'm tired of this praying crap you guys talking ab

Praying, Praying and Praying some more! Dam I'm tired of it. God is good all time, Yes I agree. If praying was a... more »

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