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oh ya i have

i tought about that to, becuase the french words that i know when i was in haiti. are not the same one's the canadians... more »

ti roger i dont know

mwen selman konprann demi nan sa oudia, silvouple ouka ecril an creol, or anple poumwen. mwen mwen nan america depi a... more »

civil war dark skin vs mulatos

you know i agree with you. but there's other ways to resolve that without fighting. for that reason they should let... more »

what is the idea

with a civil war between "neg noa and mulatre" what would that acomplish? what's the idea behind it? just would like... more »

lets say robert magic

what you said is wrong, i respect your opinion though. but how do you know if you cant win against the best runner if... more »

mwen gintan mouri

mr preval corman ou ye, mwen kontan pou bel travay wap fer haiti yo, e bel movement wap fer pou kontacte lot nation yo... more »

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