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Poetry: Still I Rise by Maya Angelou

Greetings. Bonjour a tous.We have decided that February will be Love and Poetry month.Until then. Still I Rise You may... more »

New York Daily News about Haiti

Greetings everyone Bonjour a tous. 1. The News is: Haiti thug could face 25 years New York Daily News, 2008-01-10 For... more »

We did not understand your message. We have no comments.

We did not understand your message. We have no comments. more »

Histiore Haitienne 6

Bonjour a tous du Club Lionne. Marie-Claire Heureuse une femme de couleur,née en 1758 à Léogane,Marie... more »

IMF Prescriptions Have 100 Failure Rate.

World Bank and IMF conditionatities and prescriptions have 100% percent failure rate. 1.Liberalization or... more »

On Becoming An Activist

Know yourself: You exist in many roles in the world, as worker, caregiver, consumer, service provider, investor... more »

About The Ego!

Greeting Everyone from the Lionne Club. Bonjour a tous. The ego is an idea of the self that is inconsistent with our... more »

Histoire Haitienne 5

Dédée Bazile une femme noire,née dans les environs du Cap-Haitiean de parents esclaves, Dédée... more »

Third World Wealth Flight

There is huge stock estimated at 5 trillion dollars of anonymous Third World flight-haven wealth that has been... more »

World Bank IMF and Debt Cancellation

Debt Campaigners like "Jubilee" and "Probe International's Odious Debt Web Site have been calling for a resurrection... more »

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