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Anger The Emotion In Response To Frustration

Anger is the feeling, the emotion that humans have in response to frustration or injury. There different types of... more »

Solar Thermal Technology The Way To Go For Haiti

In Haiti, the Peligre Dam on the Artibonite River was completed as part of a plan to provide irrigation to the... more »

Confusion Des Postes Des Soeurs Lionnes?

A propos de la confusion des postes des soeurs Lionnes. Tous les postes que tous les membres approuvent seront... more »

Femmes Battues! Quelle Tristesse ll

C'est un problème endémique,Et dire que ceux qui font ca se prennent pour des hommes! Il faut dénoncer... more »

Femmes Battues! Quelle Tristesse

C'est pire qu'une preuve de lacheté,de voir qu'un homme peux faire mal a une femme qui l'acompagne et l' aime et... more »

Stop Violence Against Women! How To Get Help!

No one deserves to be abused. If you are in an abusive situation, seek help and advice as soon as you safely can... more »

Stop Violence Against Women. Break The Cycle

•An abusive relationship can break a woman down and unravel her sense of reality and self-esteem. Breaking the... more »

Stop Violence Against Women! Recognize The Pattern

Domestic violence directed toward women take many forms, including emotional, sexual and physical abuse. It happens to... more »

Let Us Love More And Discipline Less

Our Position is this: Hitting children with belts, martinettes, rigouises constitute child abuse. They leave bruises... more »

This the New York Daily News About Toto Constant

On NY daily news: Haiti thug could face 25 years BY JOHN MARZULLI Thursday, January 10th 2008LReputed former Haitian... more »

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