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Root Cause Problems/ Recommendation19

6. Any strategy to reduce imports and foster national production needs to be implemented with care. Any outright ban... more »

Root cause /Looking ahead/Recommendation 18

Trade liberalisation in Haiti was both misconceived and mismanaged. It has devastated the livelihoods of poor... more »

Root Cause Problems in Haiti Lessons learned 17

s discussed on page 6, Haiti could be described as a true `liberalisation poster child', having embraced all the main... more »

Root CauseConclusion/Adjustment assistance 16

Adjustment assistance Haiti's balance sheet of gains and losses in agriculture is extremely one-sided. Given the... more »

Root Cause Problems Conclusion / Losses 15

Declining national production While the gains to consumers from liberalisation are subject to many caveats, the losses... more »

Root Cause Problm.Conclusion/Urban consumers 14

Given that the bulk of protection was directed at the rural sector, trade liberalisation would be expected to benefit... more »

Conclusions on the impact of liberalization 13

It is well recognized by economists that trade liberalization brings both costs and benefits. Benefits should include... more »

Read About Rice/Sugar/Livestock Production 12

To Read About Following Subject Rice imports Prices of imported rice Continuing rice production Sugar Sugar imports... more »

Root Cause Problms/Agricultural tariff overview 10

As explained above, Haiti's tariff levels have been substantially reduced and a simplified tariff structure set up... more »

Root Cause Problems/ Testimony of Farmer 11

Inodil Fils, Ségur, Petite Rivière de l'Artibonite, Artibonite Department 53 In 1980 I had around 3.5... more »

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