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Return of Aristide

I just want to rectify my mistakes,i'm sorry that i didn't read my post."It's easy to know our leaders.Mr.Aristide has... more »

Return of Aristide

To the eyes of the oppressors,Mr.King,MalcolmX,were troublemakers,Mr.Sharpton,Farrakan,Aristide,Mugabi,Chavez etc are... more »

What are UN's goals in Haiti?

Does anyone could shed some light on UN's accomplishment in Haiti.We all Know that our police officers are... more »

What are the United nations?

Well,some of us living in USA are brain-washed into believing that american way of life is the answer to solve haiti... more »

FederiqueFederique boss papa

I know that some of my brothers don't trust others black people.Danny Glover promote haitian culture more than any... more »

Nous parlons toutes les langues des colons...

I'm going to bring a subject that most of my brothers don't want to hear.We haitians feel extremely good that some of... more »

we control our destiny

Yeah,to some degree,we could produce our basic needs such as water,electricity,agri-culture.They control the world... more »

zoizo mechan pat gen nan tet li pou yo ede ti neg

Zoizo mechan is armed and extremely dangerous,they will give us just enough to keep us alive.Our former leaders and... more »

we don't need another boa kayman

Well i must say that the slave masters did a great job promoting their culture,their religion to my haitians... more »

Civil war dark skin vs mulatos

If you take times to understand the nature of Haiti' problems.I remember in the70s Haiti was better than now.It was an... more »

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