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Le Peuple De Port-Au-Pce Reclame Le Retour D'Aristide

Comme etant constate, le retour imminent d'Aristide sera incontournable puisque le peuple de la capitale decidera de... more »

I do not really understand you at all. One day you call for...

I do not really understand you at all. One day you call for Aristide's return and another day you call for his death... more »

Be Aware Haitians Most Dangerous Time in Our Lives

Be Aware: by Vladimir L. We Haitians are in the most dangerous time in our life. We are in danger because we are now... more »

Write Off Haiti's 1billion dollars Debt

Western governments have been urged to write off Haiti's international debts of nearly $1 billion (£620 million... more »

Haïti : Souffrance chaos et dignité!

La souffrance du peuple Haïtien sous fond de découverte de pétrole et d'uranium. By Max Dorismond... more »


'Oil in Haiti and Oil Refinery - an old notion for Fort Liberte as a transshipment terminal for US supertankers - A... more »

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