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Cholera Epidemic: President Jean-Bertrand Aristide Breaks the Silence

From South Africa President Jean Bertrand Aristide is talking about the cholera in Haiti.Go to the links below... more »

The UN and MINUSTAH needs a global currency to import and export cholera

CDC had established that the cholera strain in Haiti was the South Asian strain. Nepal lies between 80 degree 12' east... more »

The team of Mirlande Manigat & Charles Henri Baker is an ideal option

The team of Mirlande Manigat as president and Charles Henri Baker as premier minister is an ideal compromise for now... more »

Election en Haiti Nov 2010

Pour plus d'information a propos des elections en Haiti le 28th Novembre 2010,aller sur la jsf-post jsf-post.com... more »

Dominicans and Dummynicans are commenting on the cholera in Haiti

dominicantoday.com Eske ou vle konnen ki sa Dominiken yo ap di sou kolera la an Ayiti? Ale sou sit entènèt... more »

CDC is investigating the origing of the cholera in Haiti

The Center for Disease Control and prevention in Atlanta,Georgia,USA is investigating the etiology of the outbreak of... more »

Timing of Cholera outbreak in Haiti just before th elections

Back in January 2010 we have seen that military objective supersede medical and health concern despite the protest of... more »

Definitely, decentralization is a good Idea.Too many schools...

Definitely, decentralization is a good Idea.Too many schools and universities are concentrated in Port-AU-Prince. I... more »

Debt cancellation & return of our stolen assests & properties

Haiti vibrant opulence and glorious history was quelled mainly by international conquistadors who formed geopolitical... more »

Thank you Linda for your thoughtful comment.My subsequent...

Thank you Linda for your thoughtful comment.My subsequent comments on this site will in Ayisyen,Spanish or French... more »

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