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Haiti is Hemorrhaging Slowly Dying from Thievery

Haiti is dying from too many parasites from those bent on stealing. Haiti cannot afford the incompetence of Preal for... more »

Haitians have to stop squatting in Dominican Rep.

Haitians have to stop squatting in Dom Rep. Haitians are not in the same league as the Brazilians silly. Greek... more »

Only in Haiti Can a Criminal Like Preval be President

Only in Haiti would a Criminal Like Preval become President Facts: Renee Preval was a cretin at school. He was a... more »

Alerte aux Hatians:Grippe PorcineFrench Version

Un type nouveau de grippe porcine: click: En Francais Grippe porcine, la hantise d'une pandémie: Le... more »

This is from the previous post. About Swine Flu, Here is the...

This is from the previous post. About Swine Flu, Here is the video about how and why we have virus outbreaks... more »

Hatians: Grillo Pork Eaters Swine Flu is Here

What the CDC has said is:If the pork meat has been cooked properly, then humans should not get the flu through that... more »

Traitement réservé aux Haitiens? A qui la faute?

Great analysis but you forgot one important fact: its the corrupt government of Haiti while proclaiming to be... more »

HaitiTraitement réservé aux Haitiens en Guadeloupe

NON A LA DISCRIMINATION DES HAITIENS EN GUADELOUPE: Sarkozy chasse les Haitiens. "je suis très choquée par... more »

Haiti: Incidents Violents

PORT-AU-PRINCE - Des incidents violents ont émaillé dimanche aux élections sénatoriales partielles... more »

Haiti:M.Pierre-Louis Affirmé MeilleureQu'attendu

WASHINGTON, 15 avr 2009 - Le Premier ministre haïtien Michèle Pierre-Louis a affirmé mercredi que... more »

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