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James I think your site is Okay: but the prices are not on Kaliko, and Moulin sur mer: need to calm down with their prices. No more Embargo in Haiti but Prices remains. Also need to add more info: about Help lines Etc... » »
Roland, 10/15/07 12:47 PM

Please president Preval I beg you to put the food prices down,i saw with my on eyes on the internet how the people protest,because,the prices of the food so high,they even get kill,cause,they try to defend their... » »
Jeanne M Dorval, 04/10/08 2:32 PM

Are you kidding me? Inflation is like a cancer to an economy. Unless inflation is mediated, there will be no positive changes in the lives of haitians. If you were to offer roads, electricity and landlines to the... » »
Nate, 01/09/07 8:46 AM

Police officers disperse demonstrators in Port-au-Prince, Wednesday, April 09, 2008. Haiti's President Rene Preval is calling on Haitians to quit riots over high food prices, telling them 'I'm giving you orders to... » »
Les Lionnes, 04/09/08 3:37 PM

Several international economist that I have spoken to understand the situation like I have explained it before. I know that the country is confronted with many obstacles. We do need to tackle many things... » »
Nate, 01/10/07 1:21 PM

WASHINGTON: The president of the World Bank urged immediate action to deal with mounting food prices that have caused hunger and deadly violence in several countries. Robert Zoellick on Sunday said the international... » »
Wilgeens.rosenberg, 04/18/08 4:04 AM

It is a good idea for a big company like spirit airlines to fly to Haiti. and I disagree with you about a group of Haitian professionals to invest in the airlines industry. they will fail, If they fly to Haiti alone... » »
Haitian Observer, 03/25/07 7:38 PM

Rubens, I look at human progress as basic survival needs needing to be met first and the rest later. Education is part of the rest. It is necessary for progress, but only after the necessary needs have been met... » »
Linda, 01/29/08 9:43 PM

Prime Minister Alexis should create a special commission having broad authority over DGI, APN and the next graduating division of PNH. Together they would make one corp to enforce and regulate all food imports. The... » »
Bernard Valcourt, 04/05/08 7:00 PM

If You Have Urologic problems, Contact an Haitian Urologist living in Dominican Republic through djdv55 at I am waiting for You with patriotic prices. » »
Urologist, 11/15/09 9:42 PM