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I really think that President Preval should be looking at new way to create new jobs in the country. 1. Increase taxes on the wealthy citizens will help create many jobs. 2.Surcharge on car... » »
H Salomon, 12/05/09 3:36 PM

There is what's called "Cause and Effect" theory that Haitians need to start familiarize themselves with. An example of cause and effect theory analysis in the case of Haiti. The Cause is: Lack of jobs or the absence... » »
Tiba, 08/05/10 9:21 AM

How the president is creating jobs for the people in the country. Children go to school to better themselves, if your own country is not interested in your future. Rene preval. Mr President with all the money that is... » »
Manuska Pierre, 02/13/09 6:28 PM

The Confederation of Haitian Workers (CTH) has declared its support for the HOPE II initiative, which they believe will bring trade union jobs to Haiti. CTH General Secretary Paul Loulou Chery, who sits on a... » »
1 6 3 1, 02/12/08 7:12 AM

Solitarion I don't quite understand the use of "mobility" that you keep referring to. What do you mean by that? Here in the US, everyone is free to travel around the country. Perhaps you want to refer to... » »
Tiba, 01/29/09 3:57 PM

Brother, I realy take a great to read you, because we are on the same page. By creating jobs, people will be able to work, earned money and be able to take care of theirs families. RPT. » »
Robert P. Toussaint, 01/10/07 3:26 PM

Hi, You are right on the money. I would just add that there 3.4 to 4 millions unemployed Haitians. Haiti will need much more that a couple of 100 thousands jobs though. More like 1.5 millions jobs will alleviate many... » »
Rubens Titus, 10/05/07 12:26 AM

Anti-Traitor, Are you kidding me? You wrote:...His priorities are: 1) To feed and educate? You forgot,he has already had that opportunity for 5 years. What did he do? Nothing. Instead he had asked the Haitian people to... » »
Ajane, 03/21/06 4:09 AM

I have been in contact with Seguin Foundation regarding the road from Kentscoff to Seguin. I have the only alterintive in the world that can use the aggregate that is on site to build a road and create jobs. They keep... » »
Dennis Marcotte, 04/26/08 12:26 PM

Hi Gros-morne Gonaives; One way to reduce insecurity might be to provide jobs. Once a large part of the population is employed, they become the front line of defense for national security. They who steal and rob are... » »
Linda, 09/22/07 2:56 PM