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You are right, but what can we do? With them Haiti became the NGOs' Republic of the world. They should not get a dime. We have all those uncontrolled NGOs because of their bad governance. We should unite ourselves to... » »
Linda Alcindor, 03/08/10 1:54 AM

NGOs in Haiti are working to isolated from the government dvelopment agenda. There must be a certain synergy in planning.All organisation working in a aprticualr domain in the country should give an account of the... » »
Louinel Jean, 05/03/08 5:13 PM

Tiba, you are right 100%, our country is a tax heaven for many U.S. NGOs. Whatever thing a U.S. Corporation does not like, they send it to those NGOs and claim it back trough taxation. It is time for Haiti to stop... » »
Anonymous, 11/24/10 8:44 PM

Haiti is a great producer of NGOs, Political Parties and Orphanages. We need to export of some of those organizations overseas to fill up Haiti's treasury coffer. With a big bureaucracy, more than 100 NGOs and... » »
Louisjeune Levaillant C, 11/20/10 6:59 PM

Justin, perhaps it is best to think about how futile it is the to be discussing something that we all know will never happen. The bulk of this money is already in the hands of the NGOs; how exactly were you thinking... » »
Linda, 03/07/11 1:35 PM

Brian, You're killing me, man! Don't you understand NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) mean these organizations are "PRIVATE?" That is why they are called NGOs. The Red Cross, USAID, etc. etc... are private... » »
Tiba, 03/07/11 7:33 AM

I agree with you that the government should not get a penny from the donations made to the NGOs. But let's clear a couple of things up. 1 - Total humanitarian aid to Haiti is about 700 million dollars so far 2 - Haiti... » »
Yeswecan, 03/06/10 10:07 AM

The New Haitian Government under the leadership of Michel Joseph Martelly will pass an executive order on the form of a decree law to supervize all NGOs activities in Haiti while awaiting the Haitian Parliament to vote... » »
Samba, 02/20/11 11:22 PM

Thanks for your reply.You are right about who should be blame.But you and have a biiiiiiiiiiig disagreement as it relates to the NGOs. You said:IS IS UNICEF TO ADVANCE THE EDUCTION OF HAIITIAN CHILDREN OR IS IT THE... » »
Louinel Jean, 04/13/08 8:09 PM

I concur with you. metayer » »
Jean Olibrice, 03/06/10 9:21 AM